Uncover the Color is a collective of artists compelled to create engaging experiences.


These artists - from multiple disciplines - have been strategically gathered for their unique contribution to our collective creative process. From concept to execution, our goal is to go beyond the presentational and into the immersive. Some things are too important to only be said. They need to be encountered. And together, Uncover the Color is committed to ensuring individuals are immersed in the depth and importance of your mission.

  • Creative Consultation
  • Interactive Experience
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Strategy
  • Organizational Consultation
  • Production Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Content Development



Conceptualization / Root Objectives Philosophy

Before starting a project, we believe it’s important to know “why?” Cole specializes in helping clients pinpoint and conceptualize the underlying philosophy of what you do. Cole has extensive experience writing for national and international publications like Relevant Magazine, Neue Leadership Magazine and Catalyst Leader. He has also worked creatively with Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, the Catalyst Conference, Echo Conference and Cru.


Theme Development / Visual Identity Storytelling

After we know “why,” we begin asking “what is the best way to engage people in this concept?” This involves identifying consistent themes as we begin to explore how individuals might be immersed in your mission. As an award winning producer, designer and founder of Godspeed Creative Studio, John David has experience telling engaging and meaningful stories - both in the live setting and digitally. John David is a master at asking how we can engage users before, during and after a live experience.


Ideation / Implementation / Production


Once our team has pinpointed a mission and objective, we step into the ideation phase : “how can we immerse people in this message in a compelling way?” As an experienced interactive artist, Josh Owen leads our interactive ideation process. A specialization unique to Uncover the Color, this process is key in helping engage participants in a live, sensory experience. Josh has worked with Nascar, Office Depot, COPD Foundation and the Creative City Project.


Design and Implementation / Creative Collateral / Technical Direction


Creative ideas soon become tangible, creative content. These are the physical experiences participants encounter as they engage your message and mission. Jake Ellis - a Walt Disney Imagineer and sculpture artist - bridges the gap between the ideation and build phases. His expertise ensures innovative design and high quality deliverables.


Talent Development / Theatrical Elements Show Direction


Uncover the Color is committed to not only creating compelling interactive experiences - but creating meaningful content on the platform as well. By making stage and interactive elements synergistic, we’re able to reinforce your message more effectively. Holly Harris is an award winning choreographer and director’ and the owner of Canvas Creative Movement Coalition. She leads our team’s successful efforts in creating world class stage production and theatrical elements.


Project Management / Operations Communication


All these creative elements come together because of good project management and excellent communication with clients and within our team. For that, we look to Chelsea Harris. Chelsea ensures a streamlined communication process as we collaborate with you to create a meaningful and engaging event. From start to finish, from digital to on site communications, Chelsea ensures a smooth and enjoyable process.



Hidden within everything you do is the color of life. Uncover the Color brings a new level of thriving and effectiveness to everything you do by helping you and your audience encounter your mission more intimately than ever.


We help you create compelling live presentations, and then move beyond the presentational into the experiential.


Tell a more compelling story by progressing from the static to the interactive. Audiences not only learn of your brand or message.
They encounter it.


Compelling culture inspires action. Your mission isn't just about achieving a goal. It's about creating a culture. From the digital world to the physical, let's create one together.

  • "Some things are too important to only be said. They need to be encountered"



Our rule : talk to strangers. It's the only way they stop being strangers and start becoming friends. So contact us. We'd love to meet you.

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Then, we'll start changing the world together. Anything less is dreaming too small. Here we go.